just a sketch/wip that ima never finish. like to post em so when i search through my tumblr to find other good stuff i can see them and go ughhhh i need to finish things/practice more XD 
woolie with his waifu bloody mary…. i honestly though bloody mary had like a hat or a scarf thing on her head for the longest time and freaked out once i realised it was actually a died stripe of hair. like wow.
unfished and never going to XD

Hiya guys! Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately, life has kept me away from posting art here the past few months… Thank you SO much to everyone who sent me messages about Devil’s Candy! I really apologize for being too overwhelmed to answer most of them but going through the messages today made me so happy and honored to hear that people remember this little thing of mine and Clint’s~ Thank you from the bottom of my heart~!!The past month or so I’ve been able to work on Devil’s Candy again in earnest, which is SO great~~ I’m excited to start posting here more with WIPs and other stuff so uhm..yeah! To be continued~
i did it again… where’d i leave the keys. gotta get in the shame car…